Sóla – so/la

scandinavian for sun

Sæl. I was born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland. Some of my favourite things about home is the fringe art scene, white summer nights and the energy it brings, intimacy of downtown Reykjavík, nature, water water everywhere, folk stories, coffee on every corner, people's fearless singing and the language that is spoken by so few it's like a quirky little club. 

My birth name is Sólveig Eva Magnúsdóttir, but for the sake of American casting directors let my stage self be Eva. Ee-vuh? Ay-wa? *Wall-E impression* Babes, it's there to be performative so play - but my friends and family call me Sóla. And Magnúsdóttir? In Iceland we're all daughters and sons. It comes from such a small nation that you didn't have to identify a clan to know your people, you just knew Sóla? Oh yeah, Magnús's daughter who's Kristmann's son.  

Anyway, we've gotten off track now. I studied acting in London (Rose Bruford College and LAMDA) as well as in Poland, Estonia, Italy, Iceland and America. During my training I met some fierce artistic women and we founded a theatre company, Spindrift. As an artistic director I create performances that arise from our curiosity about human behaviour. We devise physical theatre performances and lead workshops that connect the performer to his/her body and identity as a starting point to creativity across Europe at leading drama schools and acting centres. 

I'm addicted to creating with talented curious people across platforms and passionate about storytelling in all its different forms. I bounce between theatre, film, tv, radio, improvisation and illustrations. My illustrations are heavily influenced by Nordic culture, folk stories and whatever makes me chuckle - in the hope it may make someone else smile as well. My studio is in Williamsburg, New York. My illustration clients include Starbucks, National Museum of Iceland and Matís Biotech Laboratory.  

For more about my work as an Artistic Director or Illustrator, see the links below. 

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Physical theatre

Spindrift was launched at the end of my bachelors degree with fellow actresses Anna, Bergdís and Henry. We provide experimental physical theatre training at leading drama schools and acting centres. We create innovative devised performances at home and across Europe and run an online magazine where we share our inspiration and research.


Illustrating has been both my profession and passionate creative outlet. Illustrating Icelandic folk stories has taken turns with corporate clients such as Starbucks UK, the National Museum of Iceland, Intrepid Magazine & Purple Consultancy to name a few.